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To NNNN company


Commercial Offer

for development of technical specifications for organization of financial and managerial accounting procedures in Ukraine

from Kiborg.Net company



Moscow, 2007




Management of "NNNN" company applied to "Kiborg.Net" company with a request to submit an offer on organization of financial and managerial accounting with use of Dynamics Ax (Axapta) system from Microsoft. The purpose of this project is to organize automation of financial and tax accounting procedures. We conducted preliminary analysis of problems and goals of "NNNN" company. The tasks set by the management can be completed within the stated periods, but it will require an active co-operation from "NNNN" company management for resolution of the project organization goals.


Series of the project limitations will require careful advertence for getting of optimal solutions and risks mitigation.

Difficulty level
  Use of NNNN Ax configuration.   1. NNNN Ax configuration differs from standard Axapta configuration.   1. To reserve time for studies of Axapta configuration
  2. To obtain necessary documentation on NNNN Ax.
  3. To familiarize with use of NNNN Ax in Sweden.
  Accounting with use of Ukrainian and IFRS standards in Axapta.   2. To do that it will be required to create NNNN Ax-Ukraine configuration in Axapta (to make NNNN Ax configuration compatible with Ukrainian localization).
  3. In case of changes in Ukrainian legislation it will be required to make changes in updates for Ukrainian localization in NNNN Ax-Ukraine, which could be complicated.
  4. To use 1 for accounting under Ukrainian standards.
  5. To realize financial accounting under IFRS in NNNN Ax.
  6. To realize data uploading to 1 from Axapta within the scope of the project.


Unique feature of financial and tax accounting is in the necessity of operative reaction for the changes in legislation. In such cases it could be required to change the software to be used for automation of financial and tax accounting reports preparation. Such modification should be operative and not expensive.

As a solution for that problem we offer use of the software most widely used in Ukraine for accounting purposes (for example, 1, where our company independently solves tasks with use of 1 software). To prepare the financial reports under IFRS there will be used NNNN Ax (Axapta) accepted as a standard.

Within the scope of the project we shall undertake organization of the whole system of the software tools, which would include Axapta and 1 to ensure the necessary automation. We will resolve all tasks connected to the integration of 1 with Axapta system We would not recommend use of Axapta for the purposes of financial (tax) accounting tasks in Ukraine, because Axapta will be used for preparation of reports under IFRS:

  1. There will be a need to join NNNN Ax and Ukrainian localization. There is no automatic tool in Axapta for such joining, it's a manual job.
  2. Such mixed localization will be difficult to implement, and its update (in case of changes in the legislation) also will not be easy.
  3. Use of transaction correspondence negatively influences speed of Axapta.


After studies of NNNN Ax configuration in Axapta it's planned to build in the following modules:

  • Registration of cash-desk operations
  • Settlements with accountable persons
  • VAT registration (upon occurrence of the first event)
  • Registration of contracts
  • Inventories management
  • Trade payables
  • Settlements with clients
  • Registration of capital goods and intangible assets

These operations will be reflected in Axapta financial accounting in accordance with IFRS standards. Swedish cart of accounts will be used without changes. Customized prototype of the system will be tested with use of real data. Correspondence of accounts will not be used in Axapta because it would compete with European localization of Axapta (NNNN Ax). Accounts correspondence will be customized in 1.


All necessary parameters will be realized in 1 forgetting of financial and tax accounting reports in accordance with Ukrainian standards. We'll be able to get the reports in 1 in accordance which the technical specifications, such as:

  • Sub-account ledger / Policy analysis
  • General ledger
  • Balance turnover register
  • Account analysis
  • Account balance list
  • Account analysis by dates
  • Account analysis by sub-accounts
  • Account card

Realization of the accounting in 1 will allow remove problems connected to roll-back of documents in Axapta. There will be also excluded problems connected to VAT registration. Processing of the firs event in 1 for VAT registration is a built-in standard function.


Uploading of data from Axapta to 1 is a standard procedure, and we use it for several projects.


We set our task not only in customization of tools according to the technical specifications, but also in buildup of standard practices within "NNNN" company, and within the scope of work with standard tools. This would allow for the development of the system towards the expansion of the functionality used.

Works under the project will be carried out in accordance with the methodology developed by "Kiborg.Net". It is a reflection of the experience in realization of the projects, and it's directed at the control of the work process and project tasks implementation, project management and quality control. The result of "Kiborg.Net" methodology use is in the successfully completed projects, such as implementation of logistics and financial procedures registration in "Razgulyay" group of companies, implementation of manufacture management system for "Victoria" group of companies, development and implementation of modules under order from "Mir Detstva" ("World of Childhood") company, and other projects.

The project will be split into phases. The specific results will correspond to each stage of the works, which results will have the independent value for the "NNNN" company. This approach allows for:

  • split of the work into parts limited in their cost;
  • control of the process and directing of the development by the Customer;
  • obtaining of the useful results at the intermediate stages of the project.


Mr. D. M. - Project Manager
Experience in ERP systems implementation from 1998. Experience in implementation of Axapta from 2000. Microsoft Axapta Consultant In Finance, In Trade & Logistic.

Mr. M. A. - Consultant
Experience in ERP systems from 1995. Experience in Axapta implementation from 2001. M.B.A. in Enterprise Management. Microsoft Axapta Consultant in Finance, in Trade & Logistic, in Production, in Product Builder, in Questionaire.

Mr. A. B. - Programmer
Experience in ERP systems implementation from 2000. Experience in implementation of Axapta from 2002. Microsoft Axapta Consultant in Finance, in Trade & Logistic, in Programming.

Other Specialists
Other specialists with certificates from 1.


The project will be realized in three calendar months including time for studies of NNNN Ax configuration. Preliminary estimation of the project cost is thousand Euro.


Kiborg.Net, LLC (, Moscow.
Tel.: (495) 799-80-45 Fax (499) 190-3278
Project Manager: Mr. D. M.
Cellular phone: (903) AAA-AA-AA








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